Zap Them Trout


One of my favorite ways to relax is to load up my sport utility vehicle with fishing poles, reels and tackle boxes filled with thousands of dollars of lures, lead weights, stinky bait, squirming worms, extra rolls of line and nets, storage creels and ice chests for a little bit of fishing. The problem is I never seem to catch anything.

After spending hours sitting in a boat or on the side of the river under the blistering sun, swatting away mosquitoes, I rarely catch a fish large enough to feed one member of my family. It’s frustrating. I just wish there was an easier way. Fortunately, there is – The Electro Fisher.

The Electro Fisher is an ingenious piece of sports equipment that is guaranteed to bring in the fish. With my busy schedule, I’ve never really learned how to fish properly. So, I don’t know the difference between a fly rod and a fly swatter. But it doesn’t matter with The Electro Fisher. I can be an experienced angler in a matter of minutes.

The secret to The Electro Fisher is its high voltage fishing “wand.” I just attach the Fishing Wand to the patented battery pack and I’m ready to go. Each high voltage Fishing Wand throws out 10,000 volts of killer electricity over a twenty foot diameter. Just dip the Fishing Wand into the water and throw the switch. Within minutes, I have dozens of Brook, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout bobbing on the surface of the water, ready to pick up with my bare hands. No more tedious knot tying, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive lures or exhausting myself by whipping my fishing pole back and forth.

In addition to being the most effective fishing tool on the water, The Electro Fisher also has convenient electrical outlets for my iPod, laptop computer and an optional mini-frig I can stock with beer – or fish, if there’s room. For those after the total outdoor experience, The Electro Fisher also comes with rubberized hip boots to protect you from electrocuting yourself while standing in the water. What I really enjoy is there’s nothing to clean or repair. The Electro Fisher folds up into a lightweight pouch, ready to slide underneath my bunk at the cheesy motel room I’ve rented for the week.


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